Specials - As always we offer a discount to our 
customers who save us money in credit card processing 
fees. This is 3 % of total not including tax. 
This is availible to customers paying cash only and is a 
thank you for saving us the 3 % processing fee. 
And we are interested in knowing how you learned 
about us. If you say " I found Storks Plus .......... " 
and fill in the blank with how you found us, we will take 
an additional 2 % off your total, not including tax.
* Call us, Additional specials may be announced by Phone !

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Details on ordering, payment options,
and other items to you may not want 
to overlook on delivery day. 

Our coverage area, and how to locate
a Stork Representative near you, if
you are not in our service area.

Seasonal items - At this time, we are not running 
any seasonal specials, and have not included any seasonal 
items to our product list.


Options for your announcement can 
be found here. Storks, 
Moon on a cloud, etc.

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info. Pricing is here in 
' additional info '


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