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Details on ordering, payment options,
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Our coverage area, and how to locate
a Stork Representative near you, if
you are not in our service area.
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We are located in Montgomery New York, just at the boarder of 
Orange County, Ulster, and Sullivan. Our Stork business is a 
franchise owned by The Stork Lady, Part of the franchise 
agreement is that each Stork Representative services their area . 
Our area, as defined by contract is approximately a 30 (  ) 
mile circle around our home location.

We respect the boundaries set forth in the contract with 
The Stork Lady, and we ask that our customers make it easy for us 
to honor that contract as well. If you are in need of our service, 
and the circle above does not cover your home, Please use 
the National Map to locate a representative nearest you. 
Other Stork Lady Representatives in New York can be found here. 
If you live in Rockland County Please contact our friends 
at Stork Junction. If you have looked, and there is no closer Stork 
Lady Representative near you, and your home is just out of our 
service area ( 20 mile or less ) and you really want a stork, we will 
do our best to make a special trip to service you, Give us a call 
early though, travel time will have an impact on delivery, and we 
will have to confirm the area is not already serviced. 
( additional costs may apply )

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