We are pleased to have you as a customer, and we want to do our best to satisfy each mom to the best
of our ability. I have taken the time to outline in this site some of the items you can do to  ensure we 
get a stork to you on time.
In addition, we ask that you do a reasonable job to ensure the protection of our signs while they  are 
in your possession. We ask that you do not use 'weed eaters' near the signs, be careful not to  use the 
lawn mowers near the signs. Restrict pets from the area while signs are in your yard. Keep young kids, 
and children with large toys, Bicycles, and motorized items away from the area while a sign is in your 
yard. In the instances where you choose to include in your rental agreement additional lighting, that you 
be responsible with the light and the supplied timer, and extension cord. We will bill for lawn mower 
damage to electrical cords. The signs are well anchored in the ground, we ask that you make no attempt 
to move the stork after it has been set up by a member of Storks Plus. We also have limitations on 
locations, and placement. To help prevent accidental damage, we prefer placement away from roads, 
Placeing them closer to your home, than the road, especially on roads where traffic is heavy. If you 
discover that your sign has been removed, ( before rental term has ended ) or damaged in  some way we ask
that you notify us immediately, using the telephone number on this site. Also that if you have knowledge 
of individuals responsible, automobiles involved, Etc. that you call the police and make a report asap. 
( helps for recovery, and insurance )
In the unlikely event that damage has occurred, and is the result of negligence on the part of our renter,
we will take steps to recover lost item costs as well as lost revenue from the sign if damaged beyond 
repair. ( The signs are very expensive ) Should any damage occur, the rental contract will be ended at 
that time, no refund will be given, and no replacement stork will be provided, unless the individuals 
responsible are caught. and replacement costs are paid.
It is also unfortunate that some neighbors are not the friendly people they should be, If you have 
unfriendly neighbors prone to poor behavior, please take extra steps to choose a location for your sign 
that will offer some measure of deterrence from nasty pranks that may hurt our birds.
We have competitors, and some are not friendly, the Stork Lady has a discussion board with a few 
stories of vandalism by angry competitors. Storks Plus has never had an instance of this to our signs,
This is one reason we request a Police report if you discover damage. 
We also ask that Parents of the new born be the person(s) placing the order, Or that they be notified
in advance that another ( friend or family member ) is going to place a lawn sign order !
This greatly reduces the chance or multiple sign orders by competitors !  
( One Sign, no matter ours, or anothers is enough )
Most of the items outlined here are of common sense. All we are asking is that you treat our property 
as your own, or better, while its in your hands.
Thank you, and enjoy your rental from Storks Plus.
Cindy, and Greg.

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Please visit our Fine Print Page outlining responsibility of our renters. 2002 Storks Plus